Live music all day...

...and into the night!

Fun food

Car & Bike Show

Vendors - Demos

Fun for everyone!!!



Presented by North Arkansas Performing Artists Coalition, the 4th Annual ROCKTOBERFEST has something for everyone! Just take a look... and get your tickets today!!!

This annual event is developed as the only major fundraiser for the North Arkansas Performing Artists Coalition (NAPAC) - a Harrison based Nonprofit Organization. Their mission is - " preserve and promote Independently produced and performed music, while benefitting local area school music programs" - including band, choir & drama at the High School and College levels.

NAPAC uses the facilities of it's locally owned radio station - KBHQ-LPFM at 100.7 FM to promote local talent, events and business. When you purchase your tickets to a NAPAC event, you are making a contribution to our local area youth music programs, and supporting those talented individuals who might not otherwise be seen or heard.

Support local business, local talent, and local radio - order your tickets today! Come join us at the
NW Arkansas District Fairgrounds in Harrison, Arkansas...and keep the spirit of music ALIVE!!!!